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Fashion Captions for Instagram

Fashion Captions for Instagram – Winter Fashion Quotes

Here’s a list of 500+ Fashion Quotes for Instagram that you can use now. Fashion Outfit Quotes for Instagram A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic. A few simple outfits is enough. After all, I only have one secret – the simpler, the better! A fit, healthy body – that is the best fashion […]

Brown Leather Crossbody Messenger Bag Inner View with Accessories

What is Genuine Leather?

No one would want to feel or be cheated, especially when shopping for goods. But sadly, many have been fooled into getting what they feel was the real deal but were met with disappointment not too long after. This is especially true when shopping for a leather product. Usually found on the inside of a […]

Handmade Black Leather Sleeve Bag

What is top-grain leather?

At some point in your shopping spree, you might have seen the name ‘top-grain leather’ on the label of a leather product, but overlook that piece of information because you have no idea what it means. The quality of leather matters when shopping for leather products. If the label of the leather product says ‘top-grain […]

Handmade Leather Women Handbag

What is full-grain leather?

Any leather fanatic would always recommend purchasing full-grain leather. They’ll probably gush about its unique look and how much of a high-end product it is. And that would not be far from the truth. Nobody wants to buy a lesser product and that’s why full-grain leather is the number one sought after leather. But what […]

Handmade Buffalo Leather Duffle bag

What is a duffle bag?

If you love hanging out a lot with your friends, especially for a weekend getaway, then a duffle bag is the way to go. Whether it’s for a long business trip, a weekend getaway, or a short vacation, a duffle bag would serve its purpose. This article would discuss: What a duffle bag is It’s […]

Handmade 2 in 1 buffalow leather bag top with with laptop

Bonded vs Genuine leather

After so much persuasion, you decided to join in the leather jacket frenzy but you’re shocked because it’s way cheaper than what you expected. You check to see if the shop is having a discount sale, but they’re not. You may wonder why the leather is so cheap, contrary to what you’ve heard before. Perhaps […]

Handmade buffalo leather two pocket laptop messenger bag

What is Vintage Leather?

Many people who are more inclined to a classy look would always opt for vintage leather. Perhaps you’ve met someone who can’t stop talking about the vintage leather bag or jacket they purchased, and you can’t seem to relate because you don’t know how to differentiate between normal leather and vintage leather. This leads to […]

DIY Leather Conditioner

DIY leather conditioner in five easy steps

Leather could easily be part of our everyday life, yet could be one of the most neglected items. Just as we often reach out to moisturize our hands when it feels dry, our leathers need as much care as we can give them. Be it a leather bag or leather shoes, if you want your […]

Handmade Leather Women Handbag

How to care for leather?

Having a collection of luxurious leather items, ranging from handbags and purses to wallets, belts, journals, and even furniture means having to worry about caring for them. No one would be willing to part with their beloved pieces, due to a little tear or stain. So maintaining these items is crucial. Here is everything you […]

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