The Odyssey
The Odyssey

The Odyssey

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The Odyssey

The Odyssey


The Odyssey: Finding Your Ithaca

A beautiful piece of art by Anuent is The Odyssey. A personalized bound journal for all that loves to write.

Made with a vintage style look, The Odyssey is one of its own. This a unique and beautiful product by Anuent for you.

It comes with 200 pages, jot down all the important, valuable, and memorable moments you encounter.  With its compact size of 7 inches, carry it wherever you want to go. Very easily adjustable with other accessories.

It also comes with a thread bound around it for locking purposes; this thread also adds to this beauty, as you can see in the pictures.

We have embossed a traditional embroidery design on its front cover to enhance its vintage look. Inside you will find a bookmark through which you can easily continue where you have left anytime you want.


  • Dimensions: 7"(H) * 1" (W) * 5"(L) Inches
  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Type: Non-Refillable
  • Paper Material: Cotton
  • Color: Brown
  • Number of Pages: 200
  • Design on Front: Traditional design
  • Design on Back: Plain
  • Lock Type: Leather thread bound around it

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Dimensions: 7 H x 5 L x 1 W Inches

Color: Brown

Condition: New

Weight: 0.4 kg

No. of Pages: 200


Brand: Anuent

Design on Front: Embroidery Design

Design on Back: Plain

Refillable: No

Gender: Unisex

Closure Type: Leather Thread


Exterior: Genuine Leather
Paper: 200


Taking Care of your Leather Products

Leather products are often used in professional settings and require special care to keep them looking pristine.

If you take good care of your leather bag, backpack, or journal, the surface will stay bright for years to come!

● Always ensure that any product is dry before applying cream/moisture lotion onto it by using a soft cloth; this helps prevent stains from occurring when applied wisely.

● To ensure that your leather product lasts for years, never allow it to get wet. If the item gets soaked in water and you want to dry it out again quickly. Place thick microfiber cloths over any exposed surfaces of an absorbent material before allowing gravity to do its work.


The leather products may vary in color and size.

Some are slightly lighter, while others are darker than what is shown on your monitor - this will affect the outcome of a product's shade (due to natural materials).

However, you can be sure each bag or journal has been handmade with care for its unique features!

Custom Duty

We take great pride in shipping all our products as quickly and efficiently as possible.

However, there's a chance that customs may cause delays if you don't provide them with contact information so they can reach out to collect customs duties on your behalf, which is why we must have this number!

Please let us know what phone number works best for International Shipping purposes at any time during checkout or after placing an order.

Also, email us if any questions arise about Customs-related matters.

Why Choose Us?



Made with traditional leatherworking techniques



Smell-free and non-toxic materials keep your things safe and smell good.

Quality Material

Quality Material​

Premium closures and best quality of paper for writing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul T.

I bought one of these journals as a gift to myself. I loved it so much that I bought three more for my children.

Igor D.

This beautiful leather-bound journal is absolutely stunning. It arrived with a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase which is a wonderful personal touch that made me smile when I received it. Will definitely buy from this shop again.

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