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How To Remove Mold From Leather Bag?

Leather bags get better with time and age.Not only does leather look great, but it also gives the bag more character as you use it over a period of time. This is why most people prefer to buy good quality products that will last them for years. However, there are certain instances where our beloved leather items can be damaged by moisture – especially if they have not been looked after properly in the first place! The common culprit behind this damage? Mold! So how do we remove mold from these kinds of surfaces without damaging or making any changes to their original form and appearance? Here's what you need: paper towels clean cloths (you may want multiple pieces) In...

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Top Autumn Fashion Trends 2021

The summer months are coming to an end and the winter months are drawing in. Well, for some that may be a bad thing with temperatures starting to plummet. For others, however, they love these months, and nobody can argue when we say autumn and winter fashion is the best fashion by far. Thick knit jumpers, your best overcoat and accessories with scarfs and hats, it’s just the best! Last autumn was a bit of a right off so we can expect to be seeing a lot of last season's clothes with a slight twist. Many are no longer conforming to tailored suits and uncomfy materials for something more comfortable whilst also looking smart. In this article, we will go...

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How to Restore Faded Leather Bag

Many of us own leather bags, but it is inevitable that they will age and fade over time. However there are ways you can restore your faded bag back to its original color! If the cause of fading was due a substance like water or sun damage then simply using sunscreen for up to one week should be enough before taking it in for professional re-dying services. On the other hand if discoloration has been caused by heat from an object (like hair curlers) any shampoo solution with hydrogen peroxide mixed into it may work on lighter colored bags while bleach works best on darker ones. Even though it is a risky option be aware of using bleach as sometimes...

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How to Make a Leather Purse Look Brand New Again?

Leather purses can be quite expensive. If you have owned one for a long time, then the leather may start to warp and crack over time. You might wonder who in their right mind would purchase an old leather purse when there are so many new ones on the market today. There are lots of reasons why someone may want an older purse. It could be a discontinued style or it could simply be that they love and appreciate quality and classic design. Anyway, instead of just throwing out your old purse, why not learn how to make it look brand new again? All you will need are some supplies and a little bit of time. You can find the...

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How to Remove Stain from Leather Bag?

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a leather bag is for it to be stained. You spent good money on it, not knowing it would get ruined within a few months. Well, don't worry. Even if your favorite leather bag has been temporarily disabled from those stubborn stains, you can save it. Just follow these three steps: First, you need to make sure the stain is removable. Try wiping it with a clean white cloth or paper towel. If the stain disappears or lightens, then it is removable and you can continue on with this process. Second, if the leather bag has been stained by water from a spill or other moisture getting onto the bag,...

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