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How to Recolor Leather Bag?

Leather has been a very popular material for years. It is durable and malleable, making it easy to create many different products from one piece of leather! If you decide that the color on your new bag isn't quite what you wanted I would recommend recoloring or dying your bag using any design technique that works best with this type of product. Leather can be colored in so many ways since there is an endless number of colors available when buying dye at craft stores! I would recommend using dye instead of paint or sharpie because it is designed for the porous nature of leather, but remember to test whatever product you decide to use on an inconspicuous area first!...

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Best Men's Leather Messenger Bags 2021

Messenger bags are perfect whether you're the proud owner of an iPhone or just need somewhere to put your wallet and keys while running errands. They come in all different sizes depending on what exactly it is that you want them for; there are even ones specifically designed with women in mind since their purses aren't always so spacious! The best thing about this type of accessory? It can totally be unisex because everyone has something they carry around every day that would fit perfectly inside these sleek leather carriers... Handmade Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag With 2 Pockets This handmade buffalo leather messenger bag is perfect for carrying your everyday essentials while staying stylish. The vintage look of this durable...

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Why You Need Our Buffalo Leather Backpack?

Proudly displaying their tradition of quality and craftsmanship, our buffalo leather backpack is made with sturdy yet stylish materials that will withstand the wear and tear of your everyday lifestyle. With attention to detail like rivets that have been burnished for durability or an aged look on top grain buffalo leather, this bag come is a top choice whether you want something rugged but classic or sleek and contemporary. Our heritage is written into every stitch we sew so when you invest in one of our handcrafted pieces it's not just about function - it becomes part of who you are! Built by hand for those looking to carry weight through tough times, our Buffalo Leather Backpack was built with...

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What do People Put in Messenger Bags?

Are you leaving something out? Are you one of those people that have a tendency to only realize they're missing an essential item when the moment strikes, but it's too late and your preparation has let down. Well, worry no more because I've come up with 18 items for every man on his way to or from work that should be in their messenger bag at all times! These are things like hand sanitizer, extra pair of headphones, and lip balm so don't forget them ever again! 1. Wallet Who doesn't need their wallet, you'll never know when you'll need to pay for something so it's better to always have it on your person! It not only contains your credit...

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16 Fashion Trends That Will Dominate in 2022

It's time for a wardrobe refresh! The 16 trends that are dominating the fashion world in 2022 have already made their way onto some of the most popular catwalks. From modernized ways to wear athleisure, to futuristic and unexpected color combinations, this season is all about a new lease on life for your existing closet. Read Fashion captions here 1. BoHo Layering From modernized ways to wear athleisure, to futuristic and unexpected color combinations, this season is all about a new lease on life for your existing closet. BoHo layering is the best way to mix trends together, and make your 10-year-old wardrobe feel fresh and brand new. 2. Ultra Minimal Fashion Ultra-minimalist fashion is about to dominate the trends...

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