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About Us

Want to Effortlessly Buy and Receive the Best Quality Products Online?

You’ve come to the perfect place. Anuent enables you to discover and buy exquisite Indian products which are:

  • Completely handmade
  • Vintage
  • Ethnic
  • Organic
  • Natural

At Anuent, we have the customer’s interest at heart. Customer satisfaction is our utmost goal.

 What is Anuent?

Anuent is a next-level online marketplace if you’re looking for unique, completely handmade, and fully customizable products.

Anuent takes its inspiration from India and its culture. However, Anuent alone isn’t enough to give you a full experience of the beautiful, rich, and diverse Indian culture as reflected in our clothing, food, lifestyle, language, music, and books.

Promoting the brands of local manufacturers is one of Anuent’s objectives. We believe in creativity and hence focus on giving designers the credit and the full rewards they deserve for their efforts.

Our main products are leather bags and leather diaries. For high-quality products, we work hand in hand with highly-skilled and very creative craftsmen and designers.

What makes Anuent stand out and rise from most marketing competitors is that we create our products with diverse customer tastes and preferences in mind. We are not of a one-size-fits-all mentality, therefore we offer custom-made products.

Thousands have benefited from our products and services. Our experience in working with many customers, designers and manufacturers has given us direction and made us better at our service and product delivery.

We value our customers

Customer delight is our motto and quality is our symbol. If you shop with us, you get to:

  • Easily discover and buy best-quality products online stress-free.
  • Get your products delivered fast.
  • Get an exceptional online shopping experience that gives you your money’s worth.
  • Experience and love the amazing regional variations in India through our top-notch products.
  • Get fully customizable products with free name embossing.

In the spirit of preserving the Indian culture, values and traditions, we reach out to the local artisans and designers from all over India. We work with them to ensure worldwide delivery of beautifully crafted and highest quality collections of leather products to our customers.

Artisans and designers benefit too

Designers and manufacturers deserve to reap full benefits for their creativity and diligence. Anuent gives them a chance to:

  • Broaden their horizons by selling their products globally.
  • Rid middlemen and get their full returns.
  • Promote their brands online and attract a bigger audience.
  • Discover competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and improve their quality.

See How Our Leather Journals are Created

Are online shopping challenges troubling you?

Millions are now opting for online shopping. Online shopping is not as easy as deemed.  With the increased interest, there’s a lot of competition among marketing platforms and it’s common for customers to experience a few hitches.  Anuent has great deals and the best preferences that you’re looking for. Don’t get caught up in the buzz.

It’s imperative that marketing platforms invent better ways to solve customer challenges. Unlike some other marketplaces, Anuent makes the customer experience hassle-free and easy.

Anuent is one of the most sought-after online marketing platforms and highly recommended by most clients. We’ve had five-star ratings from most clients and they’ve stuck with us. This is proof that working with us is very rewarding. Let our great team give you the most incredible experience that no other platform can. You will love it.

Our effective and efficient services plus a good customer-dealer relationship is why more clients turn to us and why other marketers look up to our advice.

Our clients are at the apex of our business. Our site is easy to navigate and we’ve harnessed the power of good technologies to make your experience really interesting so you will enjoy shopping with us.

Anuent is unique, and here’s why you should shop with us:

  • 24/7 support: not enough shopping guidance on other platforms? Anuent saves you the frustration of having to choose from a plethora of items and platforms. We give you our full support and sufficient product information to ensure you make an informed decision. Our interest is to see that the product you receive physically meets your expectations.
  • Fastest shipping: tired of the frustrating stalls and placing last-minute refund requests? Anuent values your precious time and will bail you out. We deliver our products swiftly within 3-7 business days to give you ultimate convenience. You can track your order using your Track ID as soon as you get a notification from us.
  • Secure checkout: Are you worried about the security risks of online shopping? Anuent has got you covered. Selling and purchasing via Anuent is 100% safe. Make your online payments through PayPal or Stripe and leave the security of your details to us.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders above $100: take advantage of our great deals and let Anuent save you money.
  • Best voucher deals: we update you on massive sales and price cuts through our social media pages and email notifications. Just follow us on social media and sign up on our site to get our constant updates. Don’t miss out on our best coupon deals.
  • 20 days money-back guarantees: we fully refund your money after you state the reason for product return. This covers faulty products, order error, wrong items received, and other reasons.

Now you know that there’s a lot more to online shopping than just hitting that “Shop now” or “Add to cart” label. You want to make sure that fast delivery, efficiency, and safety is guaranteed on any platform you choose. You need to make wise informed choices and place orders that give you value for your money.

Anuent is the No.1 go-to marketplace for the efficiency and ultimate convenience of your online purchases. You get the best services wherever you are without a hitch. Be one of our many happy satisfied customers.


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We look forward to seeing you shop with us!

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