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Leather Saddle Purse

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Leather Saddle Purse Description

Picture yourself strolling through city streets, a breeze playing with your hair and a purse that captures the essence of both timeless beauty and modern functionality.

The Anuent Leather Saddle Purse is that dream come to life, offering a nod to vintage aesthetics while seamlessly blending with contemporary sensibilities.

Classic Size for the Contemporary Woman:
At 9 inches, this purse is the perfect testament to the saying, "Good things come in small packages." Its size ensures it's handy enough for a day of errands yet spacious enough to carry those essentials that accompany you on every venture.

Genuine Materials, Genuine Charm:
Every inch of this purse whispers of its luxury. The outer goat leather exudes an authentic elegance, a tactile allure that gets richer with every touch and every glance.

Known for its durability and supple texture, goat leather promises a product that isn’t just about fleeting fashion but enduring style.

The inner sanctum of the purse is no less impressive. Lined with cotton canvas, it ensures your valuables are enveloped in softness, safeguarding them against scratches and wear.

Artful Compartments and Pockets:
Despite its compact design, this Leather Saddle Purse surprises with its space. The main compartment beckons with ample room, ensuring your essential items are always within easy reach.

For those smaller treasures – a favorite lipstick, keys, or perhaps a cherished trinket – the purse offers two inner pockets.

Its exterior isn’t left behind in the quest for functionality. A generously sized front pocket promises easy access to items you need on the go, making it a practical yet stylish choice.

Elegant Touches of Craftsmanship:
When it comes to hardware, nothing but the best will do. This purse boasts hardware made of brass, adding that touch of vintage charm and ensuring longevity. Every clasp, every buckle echoes a promise – that of lasting quality.

Design Meets Durability:
Beyond its undeniable style, the Leather Saddle Purse offers features that make it a cut above the rest. Ever been caught off guard by an unexpected downpour or an accidental spill?

This purse comes equipped with water-resistant properties, ensuring your valuables stay safe and dry.

Another delightful feature that sets it apart is its absence of the typical leather odor. Instead, the purse welcomes you with the rich, luxurious scent of premium leather, a reminder of its unparalleled quality.

Adaptable and Always Ready:
Whether you're dressing up for an elegant evening or heading out for a casual brunch, this purse adapts. Its long adjustable strap ensures it can be styled in multiple ways, always complementing your look.

So, if you’ve been on the hunt for a purse that's not just a fashion accessory but a statement, a reflection of your taste, and an emblem of quality, look no further.

Let your style speak volumes without saying a word. Embrace the blend of classic and contemporary. Add the Anuent Leather Saddle Purse to your collection today, and let every journey be a touch more elegant.

Leather Saddle Purse Bag Details

  • Dimensions: 9 L x 7 H x 3 W Inches
  • Brand: Anuent
  • Type: Purse
  • For: Women
  • Outer Material: Goat Leather
  • Inner Material: Cotton Canvas
  • Hardware Material: Brass
  • Weight: 0.5 Kg
  • Compartment: 1 Main Compartment
  • Inner Pockets: 2
  • Outer Pockets: 1 Big Front Pocket

Other Details

  • Long Adjustable Strap
  • Water-resistant
  • No bad leather odor

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Dimensions: 9 L x 7 H x 3 W Inches

Color: Brown

Condition: New

Weight: 0.5 kg



Brand: Anuent

Style: Purse | Crossbody

Laptop Compartment: No

Inner Pockets: 2

Outer Pockets: 1

Total Compartments: 1

Gender: Women

Closure Type: Flap Closure with Buckle


Exterior: Goat Leather
Interior: Cotton Canvas
Hardware: Brass


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The leather products may vary in color and size.

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Made with traditional leatherworking techniques



Smell-free and non-toxic materials keep your things safe and smell good.

Quality Material

Quality Material​

Premium zippers and high-density cotton canvas interior ensure durability.

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