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What is Vintage Leather?

Many people who are more inclined to a classy look would always opt for vintage leather. Perhaps you’ve met someone who can’t stop talking about the vintage leather bag or jacket they purchased, and you can’t seem to relate because you don’t know how to differentiate between normal leather and vintage leather. This leads to the question: What really is vintage leather? A ‘vintage leather’ refers to a leather product that pre-dates the 1930’s. Vintage leathers are characterized by their unique features like scratches, wrinkles, and other imperfections, which are all contributing factors to its aged appearance.Since the 1930’s down to this present date, vintage leathers made into bags, jackets, boots, and other accessories have predominantly taken over the fashion...

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DIY leather conditioner in five easy steps

Leather could easily be part of our everyday life, yet could be one of the most neglected items. Just as we often reach out to moisturize our hands when it feels dry, our leathers need as much care as we can give them. Be it a leather bag or leather shoes, if you want your leather to last, you must clean and moisturize it to maintain its original look. One way to maintain your leather is to make sure your leather is regularly conditioned. Not only does a leather conditioner lubricates the leather, but it also protects the leather from stains and helps enhances the luster and patina of the leather. This works on all everything from leather journals to...

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How to care for leather?

Having a collection of luxurious leather items, ranging from handbags and purses to wallets, belts, journals, and even furniture means having to worry about caring for them. No one would be willing to part with their beloved pieces, due to a little tear or stain. So maintaining these items is crucial.Here is everything you would want to know when it comes to cleaning and caring for your leather. Everyday guidelines for caring for leather You do not need to have to wait till your leather wears out before you start caring for it. There are everyday rules which you can adhere to, not only to extend the life of your leather but to also avoid unnecessary tear and wear. Always...

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