What do People Put in Messenger Bags

What do People Put in Messenger Bags?

Are you leaving something out? Are you one of those people that have a tendency to only realize they're missing an essential item when the moment strikes, but it's too late and your preparation has let down. Well, worry no more because I've come up with 18 items for every man on his way to or from work that should be in their messenger bag at all times! These are things like hand sanitizer, extra pair of headphones, and lip balm so don't forget them ever again!

1. Wallet

Who doesn't need their wallet, you'll never know when you'll need to pay for something so it's better to always have it on your person! It not only contains your credit cards and money but most importantly those super important pictures of family or people that are in our lives that really matter. It's like the memory bank in your brain.

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2. Sunglasses

It's always important to protect yourself from the sun so be sure to have a pair of shades with you! With their help, you'll never squint your eyes for too long again! Also, most likely your camera is on your phone and if it isn't then it should be so you'll need shades to protect your camera from the sun.

3. Phone

Every man has a phone these days and if not they're crazy! They can do more than we could ever imagine, so it is important that you have one with you at all times just in case. You never know when someone will want to get a hold of you or if you'll need to lookup an important fact so keep your phone on hand!

4. Work ID

When we are at work it's important that we have our ID with us because some companies require you to wear them, but if yours isn't then I suggest getting one. Not only does it help with the whole security pass and ID check, but it's also important to have on you when you're going out because of the whole being 21+ thing. I mean who doesn't like a cocktail?

5. Lint Roller

This may seem unnecessary, but let me tell you why this is essential! If we keep clothes in our bag then that means they are feeling the wrath of our keys which create lint, and who likes lint? I thought so. This little tool will suck up all that excess fur in your pocket.

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6. Flashlight

When traveling back home or to work it's always nice to have a flashlight handy because you never know when you're going to find yourself in the dark and you'll be able to see the road. It's also great for if you're trying to go camping because let's face it, that tent is always pitch black!

7. Air Freshener

It's really important to keep your place smelling fresh so a little spray of air freshener is a must. Not only does it smell wonderful but it also keeps the bad odors away!

8. Extra Headphones

From time to time our headphones will get stuck in places or break and it's really important to have that extra pair ready to go when you need them. You never know when they're going to come in handy.

9. Protein Bar

When you're working really hard, your body tends to run out of energy and that's when you need a protein bar to help keep you going! I remember when I was younger and I never had snacks so my mom always made me carry around little snacks like gummy bears or fruit strips just in case.

10. Gum

There's nothing worse than dry mouth and if you're a gum chewer like me, then chewing gum will do the trick! It keeps your breath fresh and it's also good for your teeth so you don't have to worry about them getting cavities just in case you decide not to brush post-lunch!

11. Hand Sanitizer

If you're like me, then your hands tend to get dirty a lot so it's really important that you have hand sanitizer with you at all times. This should be on everyone's list because we touch on everything and sometimes those things are gross! Not only will it help with we just end up asking a stranger! We all have smartphones now so it's necessary to get an app with GPS.

13. Map

You may not need this if you already have GPS on your phone but for the people who don't, I suggest getting one of these too! Not only is it good for finding out where you are germs but it will also help with the dryness in your hands, especially in wintertime.

12. GPS

I feel like if you don't have a car then this is a must-have because who wants to get lost? I can't tell you how many times my friends and I haven't known where we are going so I think it would be smart to have this handy in case of emergencies.

14. Gum

Again, I feel like gum is essential because not only does it help with the dryness in your mouth but it also helps you keep calm and can sometimes cure a headache so having some gum handy is totally worth it!

15. Lotion

Just like hand sanitizer, you want to have lotion with you at all times because sometimes your hands are going to get dry and it's important that you keep them moisturized.

16. Breathe Right Strip

I know this one might sound odd but trust me when I say these little strips are totally worth it. I didn't really believe in them until a friend of mine told me about it and let's just say she was right! These things are awesome because they help you breathe better when you're congested.

17. Q-tips

If you decide to use your face wipes and mascara then you'll definitely need these babies! They get the dirt and makeup right off of your face.

18. Face Wipes

I never used to use these but once I did I realized how great they were! They're perfect for when you're at work and going out after because it's so nice to take all the makeup off before you go to bed. These things are definitely a must!


If you're always on the go then a messenger bag is going to be your new best friend! I highly recommend getting one because it's so nice to have everything organized and within reach. You just never know when you'll need something in a pinch! Always keep that extra set of headphones, a protein bar, or gum nearby because you never know when you'll need one of those things! I hope this list helped you guys and that these tips will help you in the future. Stay safe out there!

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