Top Autumn Fashion Trends

Top Autumn Fashion Trends 2021

by Anuent USA on Sep 29, 2021

The summer months are coming to an end and the winter months are drawing in. Well, for some that may be a bad thing with temperatures starting to plummet. For others, however, they love these months, and nobody can argue when we say autumn and winter fashion is the best fashion by far. Thick knit jumpers, your best overcoat and accessories with scarfs and hats, it’s just the best!

Last autumn was a bit of a right off so we can expect to be seeing a lot of last season's clothes with a slight twist. Many are no longer conforming to tailored suits and uncomfy materials for something more comfortable whilst also looking smart. In this article, we will go through some of the top main fashion trends to be considered for Autumn 2021.

Statement Sweaters

Statement Sweaters

Last year all we were wearing was a full tracksuit or comfy sweater tops to get you through the day of working from home. This year it’s different, we need something that makes our sweaters look a little more bold, bright and colourful to cheer everyone around us up.

There are many different styles of sweaters to choose from and there is a range of different designers who have brought this style to life with the likes of Dior, Prada, Loewe and many more. Some are bringing back the v neck where some are sticking to the crew neck but one thing they all have in common is that they are all bold, bright, colourful and patterned.

Polo Necks

Polo Necks

A Rollneck is a timeless item of clothing that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Previously known for being pretty smart and being able to be worn on its own, under a blazer or jacket or the obvious for when you go skiing. All this being said, it doesn’t sound like this is a new trend to be following in 2021, but in fact, it is.

The rollneck is not about the garment itself this year, it’s all about how you wear it or what you wear it with anyway. The days of thin plain polo necks could be out the window for something a little thicker and maybe bolder with some very controversial ways of layering. With designers like Jill Sander wearing polo necks under knit shirts and Prada wearing polo necks under polo shirts.

Extra Small Man Bags

Extra Small Man Bags

With fewer people needing to commute to offices and the biggest journey that you are likely to go on is to the city centre, there is no need for big boxy bags. People now have different needs and one of those needs is to be able to carry their accessories in one place without having to carry a large bag.

This has been trying to go this direction for a while but more fashion orientated gentlemen are now opting for these size bags. All we need is our cardholder, mobile and possibly some gum. This makes an outfit have a completely different aesthetic and makes an outfit stand out from the crowd for sure.

Leather In All Forms

leather jacket

No matter what designer you are looking to follow this fall, you will notice that most of the top designers have implemented a material that they all have in common, leather. Whether it's heavy-duty leather overcoats or a tailored jacket for those smarter looks.

Yes, leather is now a controversial material to be using but it is going to last you forever meaning it is sustainable in a way. With the likes of Prada, Casablanca and Paul Smith all implementing this into their collection it is going to be looking fantastic this fall.

The Non-Suit

Life does not require a new suit at the moment due to most of us still being able to work from home. Some designers however have implemented a new style of two-piece, the non-suit. The non-suit is defined as a matching top and bottoms made from tailoring materials but without the lapels, padding and pleats. With the likes of Prada, Dior and Issey Miyake all implementing these trends it is easy to see how our formal wear could be affected in seasons to come.

Sweater Vests

Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are back and they won’t be going away anytime soon. With the fascination of the friend’s reunion, it seems like everyone is rewinding to the ’90s. The knitted sweater vest is a wartime classic and is a fantastic item to be brought back from the past.

Obviously, this is something a little bit out there so it's best to go out there with a bang when you're wearing one. Sweater vests are something that can be worn with many different items of clothing such as Polo shirts, tees or shirts so they are extremely versatile.

The Trench Coat

trench coat

The trench coat is still one of those timeless classics that just will never go out of style. Yes, the summer trends had this but this shows how universal this item is. It is genuinely one of the most stylish and versatile items of clothing you will ever purchase. Opt for a classic no thrills look as this is what looks the best.

Obviously made from gabardine lining it will look great with a casual and smart outfit and is great to keep you dry on those wetter days. Louis Vuitton and Virgil Abloh are doing this just right. If you are struggling to find something right for you, then you should always be going for a Burberry trench coat.

The Fleece

the fleece

The fleece has been a popular item of clothing for those chilled relaxed Sundays and was originally for walking apparel. But now, in 2021 it is now becoming more popular with top designers such as Canada Goose and Moncler both coming to the high fashion industry with force.

This can be a bit overwhelming with some outfits so stick to one piece of fleece per outfit as it can easily be too much. The fleece adds a fantastic texture for when you are layering your garments, which you should definitely be doing. Layering is the new minimalism and has been for quite some time now.

Smart Wellies

The more money people get, the more ridiculous the item that gets put on the lux range. In 2020 and 2021 it's gone to posh wellies…you heard correctly. This fall has brought some weird and wonderful new items of clothing and wellies are powering through some top designers with the likes of Dior, MSGM and Loewe.

The likes of Tod’s have brought it down a notch though and have kept things super simple with gumboot welly. Other designers like Dior have revamped this and produced sleeker and lace-up versions to suit other outfits.

Knitted Polo Shirts

Knitted Polo Shirt

Knitted polos have been on trend for a couple of seasons and it's here in 2021. Not very many tailored shirts were shown on the fashion shows this year but for good reason, nobody needs them. With that being said, there has been a lot of interest in different styles of shirts and the knitted polo shirt is one of those that look fantastic with casual and smart outfits.

They are also a must when it comes to autumn and winter as they will also keep you warm. Opt for a sleek pair of pants and some monk shoes to finish the look with style.

Technical Jackets

In recent years many have been moving towards more athleisure type clothing with the likes of streetwear brands collaborating with the like of supreme. Technical jackets are one of those jackets that are handy to have and look great with sports clothing.

They are great for commuting, popping to the shops or going on a hike, whatever way you use them, they are definitely a trending item of clothing. The likes of Moncel, Canada Goose and North Face are just some of the fantastic brands that are well worth the investment.

Relaxed Style Pants

relaxed style pants

Skinny jeans and pants have been stretched over men’s legs for the past decade. The skinny legwear days have gone and even slim fit are on their way out for something a little more relaxed and comfortable. Now, designers are opting more for the 80’s and 90’s look. If you were a teen in the 2010s then you will have been wearing skinny jeans for a long time now and it may be difficult to get out of the habit.

Once you have though, you will start to realise that they are so much more comfortable, and you may actually like the new look. One tip for this style is to have the rest of the outfit relaxed with or tailored rather than skinny as this will contrast too much.

Lumberjack Checks

Checks are in, always in. Whether that is on trousers, jackets or however you look at it, checks are always a great option for a winter warmer. If you are heading into the winter months there are many different styles but only a few that actually look well with most things so pick carefully. these patterns can be worn with boots and jeans or even just as an overshirt.

Either way, you want to style it, you can guarantee that most outfits will look cool, rugged and warm.

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