Tips to Match Your Shoe Color with Your Leather Jacket

Tips to Match Your Shoe Color with Your Leather Jacket

Color coordination is an important factor to consider when deciding on an outfit. You can pair up a Versace shirt with Gucci pants, but if the color scheme is uncoordinated, you will fail to impress your spectators. Although most men don’t normally dress up to attract attention (or so they claim), they also want to look good or at least would never want to be made fun of because of their poor dressing sense. Every self-respecting individual care about their public image.

Wearing uncoordinated clothes can flood you away with a tsunami of embarrassment. Let’s say you are in the middle of a presentation at your workplace and the attendees titter to themselves every time they look at you, making you feel uncomfortable about your look. You won’t know exactly what is wrong until a friend of yours points out the fashion faux pas. You may act unruffled and pretend that you don’t care, but deep down inside you will always feel ashamed (the feeling may continue to eat away at your disposition for days). 

Surely, you didn’t perpetrate a sin by wearing uncoordinated clothes, but considering the behavior and response of the people around you, you might feel you actually did. So, to help you avoid committing this ‘supposed sin’, this article will guide you on how you can handle color coordination, particularly when it comes to choosing the right jacket to go with your shoes - or vice versa.

Different Shoes for Different Occasions

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Shoes make an important part of a man’s look. Clean shoes color-coordinated with the rest of your outfit go a long way from enhancing your look to boosting your public image and showing your management skills. Then, no matter whether you are a professional or a student, you should have different shoes for different occasions. You can’t wear brogues to a family get-together or a sports event. You will appear too dandy. A pair of sneakers would be a much better choice.

Another clothing item that describes your personality and taste is your leather jacket. However, with a variety of shoes available today, matching the two items may be a mind-blogging experience sometimes. If you are a well-dressed person who likes to stay mindful of his appearance, you must, at some point(s), have experienced those difficult times when you just cannot decide what shoes to wear with a particular jacket. So, let’s learn how to sync the two important pieces of your outfit. 

How to Match Your Shoe Color with Your Leather Jacket

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Tip 1: Choose a belt that matches your shoes.

Okay, okay, I know you are wondering where this belt has cropped up from and how it can help you match your shoes with your leather jacket. Well, a belt serves as a mediator when your shoes and jacket don’t go along with each other. Let’s say you cull out a brown Armani leather jacket from your armoire but realize you don’t have decent brown shoes to complement it, using a belt that matches the color of your shoes can resolve the issue. 

Tip 2: Coordinate your jacket and pants.

If your shoes and jacket are not in the same color scheme, try to match your jacket with your pants. If you, for example, have brown suedes, but a black jacket, wearing black pants can fix the problem. Just remember: there’s always another way out. 

Tip 3: For casual shoes, focus more on the shirt. 

Casual shoes come in various forms, including espadrilles, slip-ons, and sneakers. In their case, you can pull off any color with your leather jacket by just adding a bit of that color to your shirt/T-shirt. Doing so will make the jacket look the same color as your shoes. And ta-dah, everything looks harmonized!

Tip 4: For formal shoes, follow tips 1 and 2. 

A leather jacket complemented by shiny brogues is the signature style of Mr. Grey from the Fifty Shades of Grey, who had girls falling for him all the time. If they are of different colors, either matches the belt with the shoes or wear pants that are the same color as the jacket, and you’re all set to rock the party. 

Bottom Line

You can wear anything you like and find comfortable. However, if you don’t want to give others a chance to sneer at your dressing sense, you need to take care of a few minor things, of which color coordination is one. Although it appears to be something too trivial to worry about, it may lead to truly embarrassing situations. Your shoes, jacket, and belt all need to be well in sync to give you a sophisticated look. Also, they tell a lot about your personality and preferences. So, take proper care when deciding what to wear. 

Before I wrap up, here are some misconceptions about men dressing well. 

Misconception 1: Men look better untidy and ungroomed. 

No one looks good untidy, be it men or women. I have never been attracted to, but have always been repulsed by, an untidy-looking man. 

Misconception 2: Men who enjoy shopping are metrosexual or homosexual. 

It’s certainly not true. I know many women who don’t like going shopping at all and many straight men who love going shopping and even shop online whenever they get the chance.

Misconception 3: Men don’t visit beauty salons or spend too much time in front of the mirror. 

Everyone has the right to look good. And for that, visiting a salon or spending time in front of the mirror doesn’t make you any less of what you are. 

Misconception 4: Men shouldn’t have a skincare routine. 

Men’s skin is more prone to damage than women’s since they are usually more exposed to the sun. Therefore, they need even more skincare.

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