What is a duffle bag?

If you love hanging out a lot with your friends, especially for a weekend getaway, then a duffle bag is the way to go. Whether it’s for a long business trip, a weekend getaway, or a short vacation, a duffle bag would serve its purpose.

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What is a travel duffle bag?

A duffle bag is a cylindrical bag made out of cloth, with a drawstring at the top for carrying. Although it was originally made from cloth material, a duffle bag now is produced using different materials like canvas and leather. A good duffle bag is made from durable material and has a strong stitch. Because a duffle bag is difficult and uncomfortable to carry with the drawstrings, modern-day duffle bags, especially those made with leather, have carrying handles.

A leather duffle bag is an essential item especially made for travels or short errands, including going to a gym. A leather duffle bag is not only sophisticated and professional, it’s a perfect luggage piece that is both spacious enough to fit in clothes and other travel items and also can be used on a business trip.

History of Duffle Bag

The word ‘duffle’ or ‘duffel’ (popularly used) can be dated as far back as 1677, although it was originally used to refer to heavy woolen fabric with a long nap. This cloth was produced in a town called Duffel, which is in Belgium. Due to its durability, the material was used for covering ships, and after some sailors used parts of the material for bags to put their belongings.

The duffle bag, however, gained popularity during the second world war. This was because it could be filled up easily and be flat packed when it’s empty. It was used by both the American and British soldiers. And soon after, it became so popular that it became a fashion accessory.

How to choose a good leather duffle bag?

When choosing a duffle bag, you should go for a leather duffle bag. Not only are leather duffle bags stylish and attractive, but they are also durable, unlike synthetic leathers. But when choosing leather duffle bags it is important to note that there are different grades of leather, and buying the wrong one would mean your leather duffle bag wouldn’t last a long time. So before choosing a leather duffle bag, their certain things you need to take note of.

1. The type of leather used

All leathers are not the same. The type of leather used to make a duffle bag is a very important factor to note when choosing one. Some leather lasts a very long time and others are more prone to tears and wear.

For quality leather bags, full grain and top grain leather is the only way to go. Buffalo leather duffle bags are the top choice. Though they’re more expensive than other grades of leather, they’re sure to last a long time. They have a sophisticated look and also look better as age, developing a beautiful, unique patina.

Leathers you would want to avoid are bonded leather and faux leathers. Compared to faux leathers, bonded leathers are considered real leather as they’re composed of about 20% leather, while faux leathers are made from synthetic materials. Bonded leathers are not as durable as full/top leather and neither are faux leathers. But if you’re more concerned about the budget and want something cheaper, then bonded leather is the recommended option.

2. Product reliability/ reliable craftsmanship

When choosing a good leather duffle bag, you would want to check the quality of the leatherwork. You want to have flawless stitches both on the inside and outside of the duffle bag. Precise and adequate stitching means the bag would last for a long time. The stitching should be barely noticeable without loose threads sticking out.

You want to look out for the quality of the hardware too. Examine the zippers, locks, or buckles, and handles properly before buying any leather duffle bag.

3. Color

Leather duffle bags come in a variety of colors. The common colors are dark brown, black, light brown, and tan. Before choosing just any color for a leather duffle bag, you want to consider where you’re taking it for. If it’s for a professional environment, then you would want to go with black or dark brown. For casual occasions, light brown or tan would look great.

The best type of leather for a duffle bag

The quality of the leather is very important when you’re shopping for a leather product, including a duffle bag. Leathers are classified into four grades: full-grain leather, top-grain leather, genuine leather, and bonded leather.

Full-grain leather is the best type of leather. It is made from the very top of an animal hide, just below the hair. Its thickness makes it both durable and strong. This leather is beautiful, having its intrinsic pattern, filled with its natural imperfections like blemishes and scars, which gives it its unique beauty, and sophisticated look. However, it’s the most expensive grade of leather.

Top-grain leather, like full-grain leather, is durable and strong. Though the hide of top-grain leather is buffed to remove the top of the hide, including its imperfections. Top-grain leather just like full-grain leather is durable and sure to last for a very long time.

Genuine leather and bonded are at the bottom of the food chain. Though not as durable as both the full and top grain leathers, it’s a way better choice than bonded leather. Bonded leather is gotten from scraps of leather bonded together with polyurethane. As a result of the bonding, bonded leather isn’t a great choice, since the bonding tends to break with time. But if you’re looking for a leather duffle bag on a low budget, then a bonded leather wouldn’t be that bad.

Whatever leather you choose for your duffle bag is your choice. But keep in mind that a duffle bag is essential luggage. A duffle bag is a perfect compromise that’s sure to fit clothes for a longer trip. Not only does it settle your travel demands, but it’s also stylish and sophisticated, a perfect fit for casual or professional use.