Why You Need The Journeyman

Why You Need The Journeyman?

Proudly displaying their tradition of quality and craftsmanship, The Journeyman is made with sturdy yet stylish materials that will withstand the wear and tear of your everyday lifestyle.

With attention to detail like rivets that have been burnished for durability or an aged look on top grain buffalo leather, this bag is a top choice whether you want something rugged but classic or sleek and contemporary.

Our heritage is written into every stitch we sew, so when you invest in one of our handcrafted pieces, it's not just about function - it becomes part of who you are!

Built by hand for those looking to carry weight through tough times, The Journeyman is first built with strong stitching, then given character details like double stitching and a rough burnished finish.

Whether it's your day job or weekend adventures you're always up for, our backpack will adapt to your lifestyle no matter how hard you push it!

Here are just some of the reasons why we think this bag is one of - if not the - best in the world:

1. Handmade with Love

Whether it's something you picked up today or a backpack that's been around since our first days, The Journeyman is handmade.

That means you're not just getting a great bag but the pride and passion poured into every stitch by our experienced artisans.

2. Adjustable Straps For Customization

The Journeyman

You can't beat versatility in a pack you can take on any trip or adventure. Whether you want to carry a little or a lot, the backpack has adjustable straps so you can get it just right.

The straps can be adjusted to a full circumference of 54 inches so you can carry as much weight as possible.

3. Heavy-Duty Zippers

For better use and transportation, this bag is adjusted with heavy-duty zippers, renowned for their durability and high performance.

Whether you're zipping up or down, the zippers can move in any direction without getting stuck.

4. Rustic Burnished Looks

We finish our top-grain leather with aged-looking burnishing on the surface to give it a more authentic look and feel that's ruggedly handsome.

5. Plenty Of Pockets For Storage

The Journeyman zippers

Whether you're storing for a long trip or just the day's essentials, The Journeyman has plenty of room to keep important items safe and accessible.

There are two pockets on the outside and one on the inside that can store anything from pens, keys, or even a laptop.

6. Handcrafted from Top Grade Buffalo Leather

Sturdy yet stylish materials are used for maximum durability, whether top-grain leather or brass hardware.

This ensures that your backpack is long-lasting and a top choice, whether out for adventure or in the office.

Customer reviews

"Classic and durable. Completely impressed by how much room there is in the bag." - B. Shelly

"High-quality leather with tons of storage space. It will get better with age like a fine wine!" - J. Waller

"Functional, durable, timeless. The backpack you will keep for years and it will only look better!" - S. Cowman

"Hands down the best leather backpack I have ever owned." - P . Garcia

Final Words

So when you want a high-quality bag with classic looks and plenty of storage, The Journeyman is built to last.

Since each one was handmade by us, we can take pride in knowing that you'll enjoy this bag for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are leather backpacks durable?

Yes! Built with durable materials such as top-grain buffalo leather and brass hardware, our backpacks are built to last through tough times.

Whether you're using it for work, school, or outdoor adventures, these packs will stand up to the wear and tear of daily life without a fuss.

Are leather backpacks stylish?

Whether you're looking for a backpack that gets better with age or one to take on any adventure, we have something for everyone.

With numerous designs and colors to choose from, you can get the backpack that meets your style and make it stand out from the rest.

How do I clean my leather backpack?

Buffalo leather is naturally water-resistant, but occasional cleaning is recommended for extended use. To clean your bag:

1. Use a damp cloth to wipe the backpack inside and outside. Carefully clean off any dirt or dust with a separate cloth, then dry off excess moisture with another dry one. Wipe away smudges.

2. After drying, apply a leather conditioner to protect the bag from drying out and cracking. Apply conditioner to all areas of the bag, then wipe away over-spray or excess product.

Is a leather backpack worth it?

If you're looking for a backpack that lasts, looks better as it ages, and can be used on any adventure or in the office, leather is your best choice.

Since ours are handmade with top-grade materials, they are more durable than those made with synthetic fabric and plastic.

Read reviews of our backpacks to see what customers have to say about ours, and you'll see why we're the top option for your next backpack.

Is a leather backpack professional?

While some leather backpacks are too casual to take into the office, we have plenty of designs perfect for keeping professional appearances.

When you're a busy freelancer or business owner who needs something reliable while on the job, our backpacks keep you organized and looking sharp, whether it's your first day in the office or a business trip.

Are leather backpacks good for school?

The perfect choice for students, our leather backpacks are both durable and stylish.

Our packs will get the job done without fuss while keeping your style intact when you're looking for something that can hold everything from books to sports equipment.

What is Full-Grain Leather?
What is Full-Grain Leather?

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